In nothing short of five-inch heels, you’ll find DJ YSL spinning a unique style that has come to distinguish her from the rest. With an extensive knowledge and deep appreciation of music, she understands how to embrace different genres (both vintage and modern) to seamlessly blend house, hip-hop and R&B in any given set. Her extraordinary ability to be a surprising sound selector and music risk taker makes her a sought-after presence in the nightlife scene and paved the way to her global recognition.

From Marrakech to the Magic City, YSL has graced the turntables at the most exclusive venues and elite nightclubs. When not jet setting, you can find her spinning at her resident hotspots, poolside at Hyde Beach, E11even or LIV Miami. Considered the “It-Girl” DJ for A-list affairs, she is an influencer sought by national and global brands such as Christian Louboutin, Ferrari, and Grey Goose for special events throughout the year. And of course, selected to soundtrack exclusive events for Fashion Week and the go-to DJ for every Art Basel bash.

Don’t underestimate the confidence packed into this fierce five-foot package, who has performed alongside some of the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music before massive audiences in festivals across the world.
Including Winter Music Conference’s official opening party Electric Beach and the Dundee Dance Event in Scotland. Achieving milestones from very early on in her career, she’s already had the privilege of sharing the stage with huge talents such as Solange Knowles, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, and was selected as the official tour DJ for Billboard’s Top 10 charting artist, Natalie La Rose.

Her style, often described as “bridging the gap between commercial and cool”, achieves what very few DJs can, the talent to please both the mainstream and the underground crowds. In a saturated world of Electronic Dance Music, DJ YSL is disrupting the scene, curating music based on style not trends and pioneering the new evolution of EDM she calls Eclectic Dance Music.